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Outdoor Travel Accessories

The top ten most fascinating new developments in adventure travel accessories. If you’re trying to become a more streamlined packer, catch cooler action snapshots or keep your gadgets secure outdoors, these revolutionary new travel products will get you on the fast track to become a better equipped — and always ready — adventure traveller.

We searched high and low for the most exciting and experimental new adventure travel accessories in the travel industry, and feel sure that you won’t make it through the resulting list without finding a fun new way to get better prepared for your next getaway. Which of these is going to change the way you’re going to adventure?

  1. Room Saver

Don’t you ever wish your travel bag was bottomless while preparing for a big trip? You can make it look like that with Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes. These smart cubes help you to keep your bag organized and productive by reducing the volume of your travel wardrobe. Only pack the cubes as usual before closing the secondary compression zipper and ta-da! — more room for the remainder of the things in this list.

  1. A trustworthy thirst quencher

Freedom Steripen allows you the versatility to forgo costly bottled water and drink H20 from dubious taps and suspect freshwater sources all over the world. Using UV light and powered by a USB rechargeable battery, the pen philters 40 half liters of water at a single charge. Not only can the world reward you for the avoidance of single-use plastics, but the wallet will also pay for it on its own.

  1. Solar Source:

Free yourself from your outlet. The Aim Zero Turn 8 Recharge Kit keeps you and your electronics working longer with an ultra-light power supply powered by folding solar panels. Great companion for camping trips and outdoor experiences, this pocket-sized companion will make sure you don’t have to climb without your favorite tunes in your earphones.

  1. Watching to Watch

Yup, it’s always telling time. But the Suunto Ambit2 goes so far beyond your usual timepiece, the similarities are almost over. As the first GPS watch with thousands of tracking applications for running, swimming, cycling, and hiking, there’s hardly a better tool out there for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and explorers. Just move — Ambit is going to take care of the rest.

  1. Clip Straps Backpack

It’s the luxury of your luggage to change its mind, isn’t it? Now your No Matter What Duffel doesn’t have to agree to be just a duffel or a roller — it can be a backpack, too. With the easy addition of a Fast Snap Strap, you can get your bag off your shoulder, off the floor, and upon your back for convenient and comfortable carrying. Just look out — your suitcase could be jealous of you.

  1. Touch Sensitive Source of Light

The comfort of a headlamp filled with features is compromised if you need to free your hands to fit the settings. Enter the latest Spot Headlamp of Black Diamond, which helps pre-dawn or post-dawn explorers to change the brightness with a quick tap on the touch-sensitive housing of the light. You can’t make the sun rise quicker, but you can illuminate the road ahead.

  1. Water-friendly smartphone case

There’s nothing like a soggy smartphone that’s going to put a serious damper on your ride. The newest release of Lifeproof, the nüd case, is designed to secure your computer while holding the screen naked and open to direct contact – even underwater. Now you can take your mobile with you on all your water adventures. After all, what’s the point of a SUP early in the morning if you can’t brag a bit about it on Instagram?

  1. Cleverly Disguised Clip of Money

The revolutionary GDC Money Clip money clip is much more powerful than your typical pocket. In addition to carrying up to five cards, the 1,75-inch stainless steel blade is suitable for slicing a mango after a long day of hiking or opening a package of souvenirs that you mailed home to yourself. But obviously, you’re going to have to limit this one to the non-airline adventures involved (good luck bringing this bad boy past the TSA).

  1. The frame to record all of it

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a good camera worth? We could use a lot to spit on the Canon Powershot D20. This pocket-sized memory unit remains waterproof up to 33 feet, temperature resistant from 14 ° F to 104 ° F, and is fitted with a GPS tracker, if you forget exactly which idyllic stretch of sand is. And if you’re searching for a colder form of powder, be sure that all the buttons are accessible right below the gloved fingertips, making this camera the ideal companion from sea to ski and anything in between.

  1. Relief from the grievance

If motion sickness holds you away from air and sea experiences, breathe a “psi” of relaxation — travellers are excited about the findings of Psi Motion Relaxation wristbands. These waterproof and action-ready wristbands use acupressure to relieve symptoms of nausea. So, get on the helicopter tour – free from the fear of losing your lunch, now you can concentrate on losing your fear of flight.

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