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If you’ve ever seen a bunch of cyclists whizzing around, it could seem like you need a daunting amount of shiny, skin-tight gear to get started. But you don’t need mad-looking wind sunglasses or jerseys from space to have a nice, easy ride on a bike. If you’ve recently moved to biking so you don’t have to ride public transport, I (Adrienne So) have consulted fellow WIRED bike enthusiasts Michael Calore and Parker Hall to put together our favourite bags, bells, and other accessories.

Bell Bike

Whenever I’m on a tester bike, I feel anxious, and I’ve forgotten my bike bell. Short of yelling “Ding dong, dumdums!” at every intersection, a bike bell is the perfect way to make sure that cars and pedestrians notice your presence.

Lights of Vivid

If you’re going to travel in the night or in the rain or fog, lights are also necessary safety gear. Depending on when you’re going to ride and where you’re going, cheap Amazons could be just fine. I really like the little Bkin lights that I can take off and carry in my pocket.

Smartphone Bike Install Holder

For a lot of people, getting on your bike is an excuse to get away from your mobile. Unfortunately, my phone has fully undermined my sense of direction. A bike mount stops me from having to pull over to search where I’m going every few blocks away. I can also turn music and podcasts quickly.

Storm box Micro-Speaker

Tribit’s Stormbox Micro is the perfect speaker to pop up on your handlebars. It has a rubberized strap on the back that makes it easy to hold on anywhere you put it, which ensures that when you ride, you can point the square little speaker right at your ears.

Polding the Lock

The best bike lock is possibly the regular metal U-lock. They’re big, though, and they can be uncomfortable to use. I tried to install a U-lock on a post under my seat, but it slipped down after a year or two.

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