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Baby Toys and Accessories

Baby Care Accessories

Part of the fun of getting ready for your baby’s birth is shopping for all the little items you’re going to need. There are those super-tiny socks and little pom-pom caps, adorable onesies, and cute burping cloths, tiny undershirts, and (of course) bag-like diapers. But don’t stop right there. Being prepared for the baby means that you’ll also need to stock up on a few baby care items.

What are you meant to fill in your shopping cart? Luckily, not a number. When it comes to the necessities of your child’s hygiene, less is better. Forget of fragrant lotions, shampoos, and soaps. When you get a taste of the delicious new-born smell, you’ll know there’s no need to disguise it. And you’re probably going to want to add a few basic baby medical supplies to your shopping list so you don’t have to make 2 a.m. The first time your little one gets ill, the drugstore flies. Here are the important baby-care products that you need to have on hand when your brand-new package arrives.

Digital thermometer:-Most digital thermometers are fast, reliable, and low-cost, so any brand can do it (you can decide whether to take your infant’s temperature upright or under the armpit).

Nasal vacuum cleaner:-Your stuffed-up sweetie can’t use tissues yet, so you’re going to use this baby care tool (shaped like a mini turkey baster and sweetly known as the ‘snot sucker’) to eliminate congestion. Squeeze the bulb first, then push the tip into the teen nose of your baby and release it to absorb mucus.

Cool mist humidifier:-If you want to purchase a humidifier, the cool mist is better (warm mist may lead to burns), but bear in mind that it must be cleaned periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent bacteria and mold development.

Heating pad:-To soothe a colicky stomach or other aches — but be careful not to use one that gets wet, and always wrap it in a coat or cloth diaper.

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